Our services

We offer a wide range of technologies for sheet metal processing and porch treatment.




Cutting on laser CNC machines, die-cutting CNC machines and scissors.

Bending and other
sheet metal processing


Bending on CNC machines, pressing of connecting material, bending ...




Welding CO2, Argon, welding

robot, welding of aluminum, plastics.

Eccentric presses
and deburring


Eccentric presses
and deburring machine.

Galvanizing plant



Modern galvanic programmable galvanic line.

Powder coating
and printing


Powder line with manual application, silk printing, pad printing.

Názov stránky

List of all technologies:

- laser CNC machine TruLaser 3030 - thickness: for steel up to 20mm

                                                                                  for stainless steel up to 12mm
                                                                                  for aluminum up to 6mm


- laser CNC machine Eagle-eVision - thickness: for steel up to 20mm

                                                                                  for stainless steel up to 12mm
                                                                                  for aluminum up to 10mm


- CNC punching machine Trumpf - TC1000R - thickness: for steel up to 4mm

                                                                                                 for stainless steel up to 2mm
                                                                                                 for aluminum up to 6mm


- CNC bending machines Trumpf - TruBend 5085 and TrumaBend V85, IMal

- deburring machine Lissmac SBM-L 1000

- pressing press for pressing pressing nuts and screws

- angle saw

- HACO sheet metal shears, double panel shears

- Trumpf edge trimmer

- profile rolling machine

- sheet metal rolling machine

- sheet metal trimming machine

- sandblaster

- OTC welding robot

- MIG, MAG, TIG welders - welding steel, stainless steel, aluminum

- scoring

- welding gun for welding threaded pins

- eccentric presses from 6 - 160 tons

- lathe

- cutter


- welding guns for plastics

- TECAPRINT TPX 500 suppression device

- manual screen printing


- galvanizing

- tinning

- pickling

- phosphatization

- powder spraying