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Galvanic line


The company PLASTKOVO, s.r.o. deals with technologies of galvanic surface treatment of metals:
-zinc-plating, tin-plating and chemical surface treatment technologies such as pickling of metal parts, phosphatization, powder coating.


We currently have a high-capacity programmable automatic galvanic line.


We perform surface treatments on metal parts of our own production as well as parts supplied by customers.
Galvanizing is carried out in alkaline solutions in a hinged and bulk manner.
The maximum sizes of metallized parts for hinge galvanizing are limited by the size of the equipment, i. 2200 x 800x 1300 mm (l x w x h).


Mass galvanizing is provided in drums.
We offer galvanizing with subsequent passivation: blue, yellow, black chromate and thick passivation.
Hinge galvanizing is standardly realized with a layer thickness of 8 - 12 µm, for mass galvanizing 6 -10 µm. The thickness of the surface treatment can be adjusted to the customer's requirements in the range from 5 to 20 µm.
We perform galvanic and chromating processes in accordance with standards STN EN 12329, STN ISO 4520, DIN 50 961.

  The company operates equipment for water treatment from chemical and galvanic surface treatment of metals - neutralization station. The device is used for internal purposes only.


Preparations used:
-alkaline galvanizing solutions from Enthone
-Chromatic preparations from Enthone
-degreasing agents from Metallchemie
-tinning solutions from Pragochema
-painting inhibitors from Metallchemie